Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hamilton Island Race Week

Team Painkiller,

Diane and I sailed PAINKILLER up to Hamilton Island During the period 1 to 16 August. We had a fantastic couple of weeks just the two of us although I will say we had some challenging days. Saw dolphins aplenty, whales, made some new friends etc. Boat sailed like a dream. We sailed up to Manly in Brisbane through the inland waterway, only grounding once! Pretty good!!! Nicole sailed with us up to Manly and stayed with us for dinner that evening at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron while we were joined by some friends. We then set off on our journey stopping at Mooloolaba, (had dinner with Wayne and Liz Fleming), Great Sandy Straits, Bundaberg(of course), Pancake Creek, Yepoon, Port Clinton, Island Head Creek, Percy Islands (one of the few people who live on this small island 30 miles off the coast from Shoalwater Bay floored me by saying "you're not Brigadier Rod West are you!) Curlew Islands, Goldsmith Island, Shaw Island then finally Cid Harbour. All in all a good delivery. We are now involved in Race Week. First ever race for Painkiller resulted in an 11th place, next race 8th. Today we decided NOT to race as there was a strong wind warning current and a straw poll of the crew was a resounding - I don't think so! Having just witnessed the first boat back with a broken mast I think it was a good decision! The next day was a beauty! Plenty of wind and finally we had our act together. Thanks to some great sailing shit by Brian we came in 2nd - a podium finish - yeah! Next day out was wild and wooly broke both ends off the spinnaker and still managed to come in fourth. Not too shabby. Rushed to repair the pole BUT final days racing was cancelled due to NO WIND. That Huey, God of wind has a sense of humour! All in all Hamilton was great. Vaought up with a bunch of friends, Shorty played great music, Chef boy cooked up a storm (including a Tepanyaki night to die for and the Purser kept everyone honest. We will be back!

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