Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Re-Delivery Hammo - Southport

Well, the scurvey delivery crew finally made it into Hammo and off we went 24 hours ahead of shedule due to a good weather forecast - wrong!!! Headed out on a good NE but it died to nothing as the evening came....then slammed from the south. Pulled into Brampton Is for some rum and a sleep. Good plan! Next morning up early and off to the Percy Islands. Crap day, motored most of it (we would get used to that). finally got into Middle Percy at 1900h. Good meal and off to the rack! 0300h all hell breaks loose, we are caught inside a washing machine. Absolutely slammed about until dawn then as soon as we could see we was outofthere! Only consolation was seeing our old friend in the Catalina 35 limping in after being caught short of Percy Is when they were hit by the southerly. They looked shagged. Off we sailed (motor sailed) to Pearl Bay inside SWBTA. Except for running aground had a pleasant night playing Nautical Trivia! Wed 31 Sep motor sailed to Yeppoon. DONT believe this is a harbour! We arrived and got immediately stuck 20 feet short of the fuel wharf in NO WATER! Fortunately Evan knew a guy (COL Fora) who took us out to dinner. Next morning I left the boat in the capable hands of Evan and headed back to Brisbane for a gig as the guest of honour at the RQYS Sailing Season Opener. Good for me but the boys kept getting slammed by strong SEs. After some fun at Pancake Creek including a MEDEVAC of Chris to the Town of 1770 due to a dislocated shoulder, they finally limped into Bundy on the 5th of Sep. After I fed them up and put them to bed we headed out to sea early next morning bound for Kingfisher Resort on Fraser Island. Another tough day at the office but pulled into Kingfisher for a pleasant evening. I am getting used to Chris's M/Teas of great Coffee and fresh muffins each day!!! Next day motored through the Great Sandy Straits (only bottomed out a couple of times) and then straight on through the bar at Wide Bay and on down the coast to Evans home on Russell Island Morton Bay. Chris and I had the best of the sailing that night. Great night had at Evan's RSL on Russell then next day finally parked the good ship PAINKILLER at her berth at SYC JUST ahead of a wind change, finally from the north - but of course blowing at 40 bags!!!! I hate you huey!!!!! MANY thanks to Evan Johnson, Chris McDonald and Rob Fussell for making the journey a delight. Great crewmen all. You are welcome ANY time back on PAINKILLER. Don't forget the reunion on the 16th!

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